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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Happiness is...

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Happiness is watching TV on the sofa with your husband, with your head fitting just right against his chest, and him absentmindedly scratching your back.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quick blog entry

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I'm writing a quick blog entry while I wait for this mammoth email to upload :-).

What a week. I've been putting in 12 hour days every day so far. It's last minute stuff for training that's going to start next week.

(sneezes three times) ...Plus I think I'm coming down with a cold.

I can't wait til things slow down :-).

(checks the upload status) Okay this is ridiculous. It hasn't budged an inch.

Oh oh oh guess what Steve and I saw when we were pulling out of the apartment complex. We saw a wolf! A real live wild wolf--in the city--in the middle of the day! When Steve saw it in the distance he said, "Man that's a BIG dog." And I looked and said, "Honey, that dog's wild." There were no leashes or collars that I could see, plus it walked in a very untamed way, all careful-like.

"Well what do you think it is?" he asked.
"I dunno--a coyote?"
He looked harder. "I'll be darned. It's a wolf. A coyote would be scrawnier. It must have walked along the river and smelled something that made it go towards the residential area."

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Second and Third week in Dallas

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I apologize for not writing the past two weeks. But this posting has LOTS of pictures so I hope that makes up for it :-). Last week was a working weekend in Memphis so I wasn't able to post a blog entry.

First let me post pictures of the hockey game I was telling you about in the last entry :-). Then I'll tell you what I've done since then :-).

We had to take the train (known as the DART) to get to the stadium. Here's a picture of us at the train station:

See the men clustered around the ATM-like looking machine? That's where you buy the tickets. The men are from our company and from the client's company. Apparently the machine isn't very user-friendly :-).

Five minutes later...

Another five minutes later...

We finally got our tickets, but it took three VPs 10 minutes to do it :-). The joke of the moment was, "How many VPs does it take to buy train tickets :-)?"

These were our original seats. Every period people would take turns going up to the more expensive seats, where the view was like this:

Seats in this section cost a whopping $100 each .

It was a great game :-). The Dallas Stars won over the Phoenix Coyotes. We even got to see Wayne Gretzky from a distance since he's the Coyotes' coach :-).

The next pictures are from training--sort of :-). See, Carmine and I have birthdays that are 2 days apart :-). The client gave us BOTH cakes and balloons on our birthdays :-).

These are pictures from Carmine's birthday :-).

And these are pictures from my birthday :-).

And here are various other pictures from training :-).

Edrie, our trainer Rasheeda, and Carmine :-).




Our man in charge of the program in Manila, John Jakubiec. He's REALLY funny :-).

Carmine and Edrie outside the office :-).

Our next after-work trip was to the Forth Worth Stockyards :-). It's in the historic district and once a year they drive cattle along the roads just like they used to do in the 1800s :-). They also buy and sell livestock during that time :-).

Unfortunately, we got there a weekend too late and all the animals were already gone :-(.

We got to see a few longhorn cattle though :-)...

And then a few days ago we went to see an NBA game :-). It was the Dallas Mavericks vs. the LA Lakers :-). It was held at the same arena as the hockey game :-). This time though, we got pictures of the outside of the stadium :-).

We sat REALLY close to the court :-). Rows C, D, and E, to be more specific :-).

Here's a shot of me with my new glasses :-). I need them now to be able to better see things that are far away :-).

Steve Louden and Rasheeda :-)

Two of the Dallas Mavericks Cheerleaders :-)
Today we're going to the Dallas World Aquarium :-). I'll make sure to take pictures of that too :-).

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