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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finally--a Blog Entry :-)

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Wow, it's been FOREVER since I blogged :-). The good news is I've got a lot to blog about plus I have pictures :-).

I was in Manila on business from late November to mid-December. I left the day after Thanksgiving (travel was actually not so bad that day, surprisingly) and stayed in Manila until December 19. I was originally supposed to go home December 12, but when my boss decided to extend her trip, I was asked to extend my stay as well in case she needed me :-).

While I was over there I attended the company Christmas party. The Christmas parties are always the event of the year, not only because it's a huge shindig, but also because it's a chance for the employees to showcase their talents. And every year they amaze me. This year the theme was "The Red and Black Ball--A Tribute to Broadway Musicals."

Here are a few pictures from that event. These were part of the set that our photographer provided us :-).

We have over 3000 employees--there were three long tables covered with nametags

The decor at the entrance

Inside the hall. There were over 70 tables.

Close up of one of the tables

JP and Ice--our emcees for the night

Every year we invite children from one of the Manila orphanages to come to our Christmas party (For some reason the name escapes me now though...)

Me in my 40s inspired outfit

There were 6 different performances for the broadway presentation competition: One was Mamma Mia...

There was Jesus Christ Superstar...

...and Phantom of the Opera...

...and Rent...

...and Beauty and the Beast.

The winning presentation was The Lion King... and when you look at the pictures you'll see why :-).

The orphans also did a special number...

...there wasn't a dry eye in the house when they were done

Our main social responsibility project this year kicked off at the Christmas party. It's a reading program for one of the public schools in Makati. The managers and the executive introduced it to the rest of the company by doing the "Twelve Days of Reading." Teresa played the partridge...

...I was one of the pear trees :-).

We also had a duet competition. Last year our winners were two ladies. This year it's two gentlemen :-).

Now this was a total surprise--one of our managers had asked permission from Teresa if he could propose to his girlfriend (another employee) the night of the Christmas party...

...and she said yes!

The Fashionista winners. I was actually in the bathroom when they called my name, and Teresa had to come get me :-).

Ever since I came back my sleep cycle has been a little crazy because of the jet lag. My jet lag's different this time, though. It's not the "need to sleep in the middle of the day" jet lag, it's the "I've been so used to getting my sleep when I can get it, and now I can't get the sleep I need in one go--I'm sleeping in chunks" kind of jet lag.

I've picked up World of Warcraft again. It's been so long since I played, that I had to create another character to get the feel of the game once more. And once again, I've become addicted to leveling up. I often tell myself "Just one more quest and I'll go to bed."

Now that I think about it, I'm sure World of Warcraft isn't helping me get my sleep schedule back on track :-). More than once I've been up at 2:30 and I played WoW straight until 7, when it's time for me to get ready for work. More than once Steve has had to practically drag me away from my laptop and make me go to bed :-).

With 2008 winding down, I still haven't decided what my New Year's resolutions are going to be. The good news is I was able to accomplish my major resolution for last year, which was to do at least 30 hours of volunteer work. I haven't counted, but I think I went a little over than 30, which is great. I'm probably going to be continuing to volunteer throughout 2009 as well :-).


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