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Friday, January 30, 2009

Arlo & Janis --> Steve & CC

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CC is listening to: Calypso Cafe--The Rippingtons (Moonlighting)

LOL Steve and I had a conversation last week that was JUST like this!


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goings-On Lately

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CC is listening to: In the Groove--Richard Elliot (Jumpin' Off)

You may have read from Steve's blog that he's started working as a groomer at a vet clinic. He's loving his new job, I can tell. When he tells me stories about the dogs he works with, he's standing up, he talks quickly and he's using his hands to help tell the story :-). I haven't seen him this excited in a long time, and I'm glad he found a place where he totally fits in :-). Not that he didn't like his previous job, but I guess sometimes it takes a change of scenery to find out that you could be happier somewhere else :-).

Other than that, nothing much has happened lately. I bought a new computer desk again--the last one I got didn't turn out to be working too well for me. Towards the end of 2008 I'd started taking over the dining room table again.

I absolutely LOVE this new one though. We got it at Officemax for $160--it was on sale :-).

It's supposed to be set at a corner, but it's in the middle of the living room and it's just perfect there. The angle even has me facing the TV so if I wanted to, I can watch TV while I'm doing stuff on the computer :-). I didn't install the keyboard drawer since I'm using a laptop and I'd rather have the extra leg space anyway :-).

That's really all that's been going on :-). Now that Steve's no longer working at a retail establishment, he's got his weekends and holidays back, and THAT'S really nice :-). We have more time to spend together, and now if we wanted to we can take long weekend trips, which is awesome :-). We haven't decided where we're going yet or when, exactly, but I'm already looking forward to it :-).


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Monday, January 05, 2009

The IT Crowd--Fun-nee!

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CC is listening to:It Had to Be You--Doris Day (Golden Girl)

I was watching an episode of the IT Crowd yesterday and one part had me laughing so hard I near fell off my chair :-). Let me set it up for you.

Jen (the IT Department manager) had a date with Bill (another employee in the company) that didn't turn out so well. She didn't really want to face him the next day, so she told Moss, one of the IT guys, that she was going to stay in her office all day but if Bill comes by to ask about her, to tell him that she was busy.

Moss, however, is a terrible liar and when Bill kept pressing him why he couldn't see Jen, Moss blurted out, "Because she's dead!"

So now the entire office thinks that Jen is dead and people are leaving flowers outside the IT office, which is in the basement. When Jen decides to pick up a cup of coffee upstairs and sees all the flowers for her, she asks Moss about them and Moss blurts out that it's because she won employee of the month :-).

In the meantime, Bill is being a total creep and has been telling lies about how he was the last one to sleep with Jen before she died.

Okay now you're ready to see the clip :-).

IT Crowd. TOTALLY funny!


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