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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Lazy Saturday

Current mood:

Steve and I were originally thinking of spending the day at the mall. No reason, just walk around.

Then we spent part of the morning cleaning and after that I was just too tired to go anywhere :-). After grocery shopping, we just decided to take things easy.

We watched the next few episodes of Chobits, had a nap, and now we're watching Dracula Dead and Loving It :-).

I can't wait til The Incredibles comes out. That looks like such a good movie :-).

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It was a BLAST!

Current mood:

My costume was SUCH a hit! I was spooking people left and right!

Here's some of the feedback I'd gotten about my costume:

"(soft chuckle) That's just too cute."
"That's CRAZY!"
(This was when I was in the restroom fixing my wig) "Someone TOLD me we had the girl from The Ring. I just had to come and see for myself." Then I did the creepy crawl from the shoulders up. She squealed and ran out the door :-).
"You look FABULOUS! I love it!"

One person even had to come up to me and peek through the hair so she can see who I was. She said if she could see my face, she wouldn't be scared of me anymore :-).

I wore thin slippers with the costume and I was just shuffling at work the whole day :-). If you saw me only from the waist up, it looked like that gliding effect you saw in movies :-). And I was so QUIET too, that was the best part.

My favorite place to spook people was the bathroom. I was in there often, trying to fix my wig (by the end of the day the wig was getting to be more trouble than it was worth :-)). People would walk in and they would be so visibly startled. "...You SCARED me!"

I also did some of my best scaring around corners :-). Someone would turn a corner and run into me and you can actually SEE them stiffen that first second :-).

The company was giving out gift certificates for prizes, but that was for the call center. I won the corporate prize: 36 hot dogs and buns :-).

I had SO much fun with it that when the workday was done and Steve picked me up, I told him, "Let's go spook people some more!"

So we decided to go into a KFC and order takeout :-).

Oh MAN that was great :-). We went in there and stood in line just like everyone else. Then at some point the people in front of us turned and while I couldn't see their reaction with all that hair in front of my face, Steve said all of a sudden people moved BACK. I had NOTICEABLY much more personal space than the average person in a line :-). I even saw myself on the KFC security video over the counter. I had to keep from laughing, I looked SO much like the real thing :-).

In other news, I also got my Chobits DVD set today! YAY

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

..I can't believe I ate the whole thing...

Current mood:

Man, that Bloomin' Onion from Outback... that's a big bloomin' onion :-).

I didn't eat the whole thing of course, but it sure feels like I did. As a matter of fact, I wasn't able to finish ANY of my food. I brought home three boxes' worth :-)

Guess I don't have to worry about not knowing what to eat for the next few days :-)...

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Can't Sleep

Current mood:

It's 1:30 am and I can't sleep. I'd only gotten about 3 hours' worth. Maybe surfing the web and working on my website will help.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Weeeee :-)!

Current mood:

I can't wait til Friday. My office is having a costume party/contest. I'm going as Sadako from The Ring :-). It's gonna be fun creeping people out :-). I think what makes the whole thing work in my favor is that I'm Asian :-). I may not be Japanese, but at least my face has the Asian features that makes the costume a little more realistic :-). My husband and I went to Walmart and found an adult size ghost costume that'd be perfect :-). We also bought a long black wig as well as black and white makeup (for the deathly pallor :-)).

It's going to be fun :-).

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Typical Tuesday

Current mood:

It was a typical Tuesday... work, then flamenco dancing. I always get so insecure when I go to class. My Manila flamenco teacher focused more on footwork, so I have more fun when we do foot stuff in class because I'm familiar with it. My current Memphis teacher focuses just as much on the arms, and while I know it's better for me to start learning the arm movements, I often feel like my arms are like windmills-they just spin all over the place :-).

Can't wait to get my Chii ears and DVDs :-)...

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Feeling MUCH better!

Current mood:

I'm feeling MUCH better now :-). When my husband picked me up from work today he surprised me with a big bouquet of flowers!

"You were so down this morning I thought this might cheer you up." AND he bought me ice cream too!

I was also able to get a pair of chii ears on ebay at the original price, as well as a DVD set of the first 24 episodes :-).

Monday started out blaaaah but it ended on a high note :-).

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Current mood:

I don't feel like myself today. I'm just... sad for some reason. Must be biologically related.

Someone outbid me on ebay :-(. I'm going to have to try again with the ears.

Okay going to work now...

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

I can get my own ears!

Current mood:

I'm a big Chobits fan :-). Chobits is a Japanese cartoon. It's set in the present time, only computers have gotten so advanced that there are such things as "persocoms," personal computers that look like and behave like real people. The only thing that's obviously different about them is that they have these distinct looking ears:

I just found out that you can buy persocom ears on eBay! I'm the only one bidding on a certain pair right now. I hope I win :-). We'll know in a day or so :-).

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Tweepy Bunny

Current Mood:

Okay I've spent close to 7 hours updating my website. I think that's enough for one day :-).

I was able to figure out how I could use emoticons in my entries, which is pretty neat :-).

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..But but the plot holes--!

Current mood:

Something must've gotten lost in the Japanese to English translation because I think either there was just too many plot holes in the movie or I just didn't understand it. Course, the fact that I had my eyes shut half the time may have something to do with it :-).

Steve thinks I'm doing this to distract myself so I DON'T get scared. I guess that explanation makes sense, but really, I had just too many unanswered questions when the movie ended.

Questions like:

1. What's with the missing lower jaw?
2. If it was the *husband's* rage that was in the house, then why were the wife and kid doing all the killing?
3. Where did the sister's body go?
4. Why did some victims die immediately and others were killed much later?

Maybe someone out there can explain it to me cause I sure can't make sense of it :-).

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Current mood:

I haven't watched a horror film in YEARS. They always freak me out. I got freaked out by Sleepy Hollow for crying out loud :-).

I've seen the trailers for The Grudge and it's just so CREEPY... but intriguing... but CREEPY... but intriguing..!

So finally I decided to settle things by flipping a coin. Heads: The Grudge. Tails: Shall We Dance. I made my husband flip the coin while I held onto his arm for dear life, afraid to look and at the same time couldn't look away.

...He throws the coin, it flips in the air, hits the kitchen countertop, bounces off the fridge, spins a few times before finally settling on the tile floor.



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I Didn't Know That...

Well I'll be :-). I didn't realize how handy that "BlogThis!" link at the top of this page can be. It allows me to add entries without having to go into :-).

Now if only Blogger had emoticons where you get to indicate how you're feeling :-)...

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Oy vey my back is killing me. But it's SATURDAY though WOO HOO :-D! So naturally I'm up at 4:30 :-).

To everyone who thinks being up at 4:30 on a Saturday is crazy, I want to let them know that I share the same philosophy as Calvin in the comics strip "Calvin & Hobbes" :-)...

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Friday, October 22, 2004

FrontPage Fixation

Working on a new website with FrontPage... the frames are driving me crazy. I knew it was a mistake to do this before work--I should've made this a weekend thing.

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First Entry

It's 5:50 am and I've been up for three hours. I guess that's what you get for going to bed at 7:45 pm :-)...


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