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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Does Time Really Exist?

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes we say "It's only Thursday?" and sometimes we say "It's Thursday *already*?"  And when we say that, that other people don't seem to feel the same way?

I saw this show on the plane heading back from the Philippines. It absolutely fascinated me.  The title is, "Does Time Really Exist?"

You start the show saying, "Pshh, of COURSE time really exists." By the end of the show, you realize that you really know nothing about time.

Arguments made in the show:
  1. Time is the same for everybody vs. time is different for each person
  2. Time is a physical reality vs. time is an illusion our brain creates to keep track of changes happening around us
  3. Time is one dimensional (it moves as a line) vs. time is two-dimensional (it's actually a shape)

10 years after college, and I finally get:

Some "Whoa, dude" moments:

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