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Sunday, March 16, 2008

You Know You're Playing Too Much World of Warcraft When...

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You know you're playing too much World of Warcraft when you're snuggling with your spouse and the best compliment you can think of is, "This is better than World of Warcraft," and he looks at you and replies, "I better damn well HOPE so." :-)

...or when you're driving past a wooded area and the first thought in your head is that there are Level 13 boars in there :-).


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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our Vacation at Home

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Steve and I had a four-day vacation last week (Tuesday until Friday, then I had my usual Saturday and Sunday off). We were supposed to go to Philadelphia, but we couldn’t because there weren’t any last minute packages that worked with our vacation schedule. I guess that was a good thing though because they’re getting hammered over there in terms of weather anyway :-). All of the things we wanted to do involved being outdoors and Steve said I probably wouldn’t have fun with it being so cold.

We also considered going to Nashville, but unfortunately there wasn’t anything to DO that week in Nashville. Everything that we would have done in Nashville we could have done in Memphis (i.e. watch a movie, eat out, etc). Plus we were both heavily into playing World of Warcraft and we knew we’d end up staying at the hotel playing anyway so we decided to just stay home this time.

I’m glad we did though, because we were able to do some chores that we’d been meaning to do for some time. One was steam cleaning the carpets (which leaves the carpets damp for a while, but it’s cleaned better than a regular vacuum cleaner). We rented one of those rug doctor machines for a day for $25 and bought some solution, then Steve cleared all of the light furniture off the floor and he ran the steam cleaner. Now our carpet’s all nice and clean again :-).

What else did we do…oh we ate out a lot :-). Steve’s birthday was Friday, and Steve, mom, dad, and I went to a nearby Japanese restaurant for Hibachi :-). Dinner was mom and dad’s birthday gift to Steve :-).

I got Steve a gift certificate at a spa so he can get a massage :-). Working all day on his feet, grooming dogs—after a while he started talking about how sore he felt. And since I can’t do a massage correctly to save my life, I figured a good gift would be to have it done for him by someone licensed to do it :-). I signed us up for the “Couple’s Retreat,” which included a full body massage and a candlelit meal afterwards :-). The food was ordered at a nearby McAllister’s, but it was a good idea because we were hungry after the massage :-).

It was Steve’s first time for a massage, and he totally loved it :-). He said he felt like jello afterwards, his muscles were nice and loose :-).

Oh, and we played Warcraft as often as we could :-). At the start of our vacation I was a level 5 (or lower) and by Sunday night I was a level 26 :-). I had lots of help, though. Many higher-level players in World of Warcraft offer to help you complete quests. Some charge for the service (in Warcraft money, not real money), and some don’t. The ones that help me do it just because they like to help lower level players, and I can understand why. Steve’s character is a bit lower level than I am, and it feels good to help him with his quests by wiping out groups of surrounding bad guys so he can collect whatever it was he needed to get. The bad guys for his quests are often the same or higher level than his character, but I’m WAY past that level myself and now I can wipe them out in a couple of swats :-).

There is something about my character that I’d like to show you though. My new character is a human warlock, and one of the things you can do as a warlock is to have a sidekick. At first you start out with an imp (really funny little guy who wisecracks whenever you send him out to attack an enemy), then you get a voidwalker (big blue genie type thing that can take lots of hits), then you get a succubus.

Steve said that it was obvious that a GUY programmed the succubus. She’s pretty much a domintraxy-type looking demon. The one I got is named Elerlia, and succubus attack enemies by whipping them :-).

But what’s REALLY funny is that when I run into other players, they cut in front of me, then turn around just so they can take a closer look at Ellie :-).


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