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Sunday, June 28, 2009


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CC is listening to: Manic Monday (the Bangles)

The last time I was over in Manila, my brother showed me this AMV that Steve and I just absolutely loved.

An AMV is an "Anime Music Video," where anime fans use video editing skills to create a music video using clips from anime shows. This AMV was funnier to us because we had actually seen a few episodes of GoldenBoy (thanks, Robin--you're going to love this AMV too, I know it :-)).

The guy did a GREAT job syncing the mouth movements with the song lyrics :-).

And this is the kind of song that sticks with you. Steve hates it when I sing it and then it gets stuck in HIS head too :-).

So anyway, fast forward a few weeks. I was at my boss's house helping things get organized for their move when I came across this Webkinz doll that was just going to end up getting donated:

I just HAD to take it home :-).

This doll is now a running joke for us :-).

I hide it in his grooming bag. He unzips it while getting ready for work.


Two days later he takes it and hides it in my stack of ironing. I pull a shirt off.


A couple of days later I put it in the kitchen cupboard. He gets a mug for his tea.


This is going to be fun :-).

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